Pokimane Leaves OfflineTV

Today OfflineTV announced that founding member Imane “Pokimane” Anys is leaving the company. This comes as the 27 year-old is shifting focus away from gaming to more lifestyle content. In the announcement video Pokimane states that it was getting more difficult balancing her work and her Offline TV duties. She foresaw major scheduling issues that would make creating content more difficult. She also said that she felt it was time for a new chapter in her life. Pokimane says will still make guest appearances in some OfflineTV content from time-to-time. She also hinted that she is working on a “major new project” that could be announced in the next six months to a year. This new project was another factor in her decision to leave OfflineTV. Since Pokimane mentioned this to the OfflineTV audience, it is possible that this project is somehow related to gaming.

Earlier this year Pokimane announced that she was stepping back from streaming regularly, and shifting her content away from gaming content. Since then her videos on YouTube have been more vlogging-focused as the streamer has been spending most of the year traveling internationally. She still sometimes streams on her Twitch channel.

Founded in 2017, the OfflineTV content house has been a staple in the Twitch gaming community. Their YouTube channel has over 3 million subs and released videos weekly that regularly get over 1 million views. The group vows that they will continue to make content and nothing will change outside of Pokimane’s leaving.


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