Top 10 Named Video Game Weapons of All Time

Weapons are those invaluable tools that help us achieve greatness in video games. Some weapons are so iconic or legendary that that bear their own individual names. This list will touch upon some of the most famous named video game weapons of all time. How many do you recognize?

Top 10 Named Video Game Weapons of All Time

10. Valentine – (Soul Caliber)

Ivy is arguably the first character people thing of when they hear “Soul Caliber” and with good reason. Her design is iconic from her femme-fatal aesthetic to her powerful and graceful combat style. Part of that iconic look is Ivy’s signature chain-sword, Valentine. Ivy needed a powerful weapon in her quest to destroy the Soul Edge, and using alchemy she created the Valentine. Influenced by her study of Asian chain-whips, Ivy sought to empower her “Ivy Sword” mechanically to achieve that effect. Her efforts to use engineering failed and she turned to a mysterious dark power that she would later learn was power from the Soul Edge. Because of Ivy’s cursed bloodline she synchronizes with the sword perfectly and upon learning this she changed the name of her forged weapon from “Ivy Sword” to Valentine, based on Ivy’s own full name.

9. Jim – (Earthworm Jim)

Only in a game like Earthworm Jim can the hero himself be wielded as a weapon. In the games Jim has an advanced supersuit that is what takes him from an ordinary earthworm into the powerful hero of the galaxy. Of course, Jim mainly uses his blaster to handle his foes but that’s not the entirety of his arsenal. One of the key attacks that Jim can do is have the suit grab his earthworm body and use it as a whip to attack enemies and to grapple distant objects. This hilarious yet effective method of attack is an iconic part of the Earthworm Jim experience, and for that reason he makes our list as one of the more unique, and giggle-worthy, weapons.

8. Pow-Pow and Fishbones – (League of Legends)

Jinx: The Loose Cannon is easily one of the most recognizable characters in League of Legends. What people might not know is at first glance is that her weapons are named! Jinx is a talented tinkerer and inventor, and she hand-builds all of her weapons. Pow-Pow is Jinx’s mini-gun and her main weapon. Dawned with a cute pair of rabbit ears, it rapidly sprays a seemingly endless stream bullets at her targets allowing the psychopathic Jinx to revel in the chaos it causes. Fishbones is Jinx’s shark-themed rocket launcher. It’s handy for when Jinx wants to do larger more explosive damage. It fires exploding rockets at a farther range than her mini-gun, it also fires off her Super Mega Death Rocket ultimate for a massive explosion that comes out of nowhere for unsuspecting victims. These weapons make Jinx a formidable force for chaos and destruction.

7. Ragnell – (Fire Emblem)

Ragnell is Ike’s sword in Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance. It is an extremely powerful weapon boasting high attack and accuracy. It is also one of very few swords capable of ranged attacks. The Ragnell also negates critical hits except for those activated by the Wrath skill. Ragnell and it’s sister sword are both blessed by the goddess Ashera which grants them this divine power and makes them incredibly formidable.

6. Falchion – (Fire Emblem)

The Falchion is the legendary blade seen wielded by Marth and his descendants, Chrom and Lucina, in the Fire Emblem franchise. It is a divine blade forged by the holy dragon Naga due to her love for humanity. Because of this it has to power to slay all dragons, and also has a direct relationship to the Fire Emblem itself. This powerful weapon is indestructible and has healing magic so the wielder can heal themselves a little during fights.

5. Pyra – (Xenoblade Chronicles 2)

Pyra is the powerful fire blade, and deuteragonist of the game. Blades in Xeboblade Chronicles 2 are unique as they are living beings as well as the physical weapons their drivers wield. As separate beings they can offer their abilities to support their divers and use powerful magic. Pyra known as the Aegis, an extremely powerful legendary blade. Her physical sword form allows Rex to use powerful slashing and cutting attacks and fire magic. Because she is a blade, Pyra is immortal and can only die if the core crystal on her chest is destroyed, or if her bonded driver Rex is killed. Rex and Pyra’s quest to find Elysium is critical to saving the dying world.

4. Vampire Killer – (Castlevania)

The Vampire Killer is the signature weapon of the Belmont Clan. Created through alchemy, this whip was used by heroes and became endowed with holy power. This gave the weapon the ability to transform from from a leather whip to the iconic chain flail with a spiked mace on the end. Because of its holy power this weapon is one of few that can kill vampires, demons, and can even harm divine figures like the grim reaper.

3. Scarborough Fair – (Bayonetta)

The Sexy Umbran Witch Bayonetta is a force of nature unto herself. Her powerful magic grants her unreal abilities like using her hair as weapons, summoning demons, and even temporarily slowing down and stopping the flow of time. The first thing many will notice about Bayonetta’s fighting style is that she uses, not two, but four guns at once. She has a gun for each hand, and a gun strapped to each foot acting as the heels to her styling high heels. This set of crimson guns is collectively names Scarborough Fair. The individual guns are named Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme. These magical guns were crafted by Rodin specifically for Bayonetta. They allow her to shoot magical bullets that can harm angels and demons alike. In Bayonetta 2, they have a new incarnation called “Love is Blue” with the guns baring the names Prelude, Minuet, Toccata & Nocturne.

2. Kingdom Key, Oathkeeper and Oblivion

Since first appearing on the scene in 2002, Sora and his keyblade have gone on to become gaming legends. The default keyblade that Sora wields is called the Kingdom Key. Keyblades have a unique key-shape and they are legendary weapons that appear before a chosen few who posses a strong heart. Despite the name, keyblades don’t usually possess a cutting edge they havea special magic that allows Sora it open and close the doors to other worlds including hearts. The Oathkeeper and Oblivion are two special keyblades that contain Sora’s memories of Kairi and Riku respectively. They most often appear when Sora is duel-wielding keyblades.

1. The Master Sword – (The Legend of Zelda)

Naturally, it wouldn’t be a proper list of video game weapons without the most famous of them all. The Master Sword from the Legend of Zelda series is Link’s ultimate weapon. It is a sword with immense power to slay evil. It was forged by the gods of Hyrule and passed to the legendary hero. The Master Sword has a will of its own and chooses a hero that has faced many challenges and proven they possess power, wisdom and courage worthy of the the sacred power to vanquish evil. It is indestructible and is often locked away awaiting the chosen hero. Over the series the sword has taken on a life of its own and become as iconic a character in the franchise as Link, Zelda, and Ganondorf.

That’s the list! Of course this is only a taste of the plethora of named weapons in video games. What do you think? Are there any weapons we missed? What’s your favorite named video game weapon? Let us know!

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