Gamer E-Girl Meme Queen Belle Delphine Does Collaboration with Musician/ Comedian Oliver Tree

2022 is the year of Belle Delphine crossovers. Coming hot off of collaborations with creators such as Tayszea, and Twomad, Belle is at it again. This time the sexy meme queen is collaborating with musician, comedian, and producer, Oliver Tree. The first video of the collaboration was posted by Oliver Tree on his Twitter. In the video features a skit with Belle and Oliver meeting and making the infamous ahegao face at each other before jokingly making out with a speed-up version of Tree’s newest song “Miss You” playing in the background. The tweet features the caption “what finding love on the internet looks like”. The first tweet sits at 1.5 million views.

Today Oliver posted a second video to Twitter the has Belle and Oliver wearing cat ears and doing a joking dance continuing the love theme with the tweet reading “E-Romeo and E-Juliet” and captions in the video saying “Famous e-girl, Famous e-boy, Living e-happily ever after 👫”. This tweet is already over 60,000 likes and will likely reach a similar vial status quickly. At this time it is unkown if there will be any future videos or content relating to the collaboration.

A big factor in Belle Delphine’s ever-enduring charm is the random and chaotic nature of her content. This factor certainly crosses over into the creators she collaborates with. The collaborative projects always seem to drop completely out of nowhere shocking ans surprising the internet. One thing is for sure, the internet is always hungry for more Belle Delphine content and will be eagerly awaiting what future surprises the e-girl queen has in store.

You can follow Belle Delphine and Oliver Tree’s content here.

Belle Delphine:

Oliver Tree:


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