Adriana Chechik and Several Other Twitch Streamers Injured at Twitchcon

Over the weekend TwitchCon 2022 has been taking place in San Diego, California. Streamers and fans from all across the globe to celebrate the platform. However, for some attendees the event would take a dangerous turn.

During the convention one of the features that Twitch set up was a foam pit for the “Face Off Challenge” at the event. The TwitchCon staff appear to have made a serious error in constructing this pit that would prove disastrous for unsuspecting participants. The pit sat directly on the concrete convention floor with only a shallow layer of foam cubes between the contestants and the ground. This thin later of foam gave the illusion that it was a much deeper foam pit. This pit would cause several participants to sustain injuries upon falling into the pit. Most notably, there is a now viral clip of the twitch streamer and adult actress Adriana Chechik taking a dive into the pit and landing on her tailbone. Chechik is seen writhing in pain and calling for a medic as the event announcer can be heard saying “she’s fine” in an effort to assure the audience that the streamer wasn’t injured.


Later, Chechick took to Twitter to reveal that she had broken her back in two places and was undergoing surgery to insert a metal rod to support her back. In response to the injures of Checkik and others, TwitchCon has received mounting criticism for the lack of safety at the pit and for TwithCon keeping the pit open even after several participants were injured. As of yet Twitch has made no statement regarding the injuries that have occurred at TwitchCon.


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