Pokémon Company Fully Unveils New Pokémon: Grafaiai

Today The Pokémon company fully revealed the new Pokémon Grafaiai. The company had been teasing this Pokémon all week with social media posts.

A trailer video and a gameplay video were posted on YouTube today to fully show off Grafaiai. It is the first Poison/Normal-type Pokémon in the series thus far.


Toxic Monkey Pokémon

Abilities: Unburden/Poison Touch

Grafaiai is a poison/normal monkey Pokémon. It appears to be based on the Aye-Aye It uses its paint-like saliva to mark its territory and attract prey. Grafafi’s saliva is very toxic and changes color based on what it eats. The markings it creates release a sweet scent that draws in bug Pokémon that they become paralyzed as soon as they touch the marks. Grafaiai later returns to the markings to pick up the incapacitated prey.


Grafaiai are moody and extremely territorial often getting into territorial scuffles with other Pokémon. Because of this, they don’t gather in packs preferring to hunt alone.


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