Pokimane Announces She is Taking a Break From Streaming

Today Pokimane took to her social media to announce that she is taking a break from streaming. In her post she cites the reason is to focus on herself and her life offline.

This announcement comes just after Pokimane has finished her week-long trip to Amsterdam, Netherlands where the streamer attended Twitch Con and before that, Pokimane took a trip to Seoul South Korea in mid-June.

At this time it is unknown for how long this break will last. In 2020 Pokimane took a month-long hiatus from streaming that appeared to be in order to escape from an online controversy the streamer started with her most recent DMCA abuse scandals. As this hiatus seems to be unprompted by any recent behavior from the 26 year-old streamer, it is likely that this break will not be nearly as long.


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