Pokimane Compares Her Internet Beef to People Suffering with Depression

Twitch Streamer Pokimane made a tone-deaf comment during a drama stream where she compared her internet feud with fellow Twitch Streamer Ninja to people living with depression.

Since last week Pokimane has been involved in drama with Ninja. The streamer has continued to hold streams talking about the drama and in her most recent stream she continued taking shots at Ninja for his seemingly moving on for the drama, and PhillyD for reporting on the situation without coming to her for input. A user in the chat commented that Pokimane’s should move on from the drama and the streamer responded by comparing her desire to engage with the drama to people living with depression. The streamer stated “… if you are personally tired of hearing about it, that’s OK. You can just come back later. But, you telling me that is just– like, bad taste.” she then proceeded to making the comparison to depression saying “If someone has been depressed about something for a long time and you’re like ‘your depression is really fucking annoying, like, get the fuck over it’ it’s not helping. If anything maybe it’s harder to get over things when people constantly tell you to get over it… this comparison is particularly jarring when considering some of the messages that Pokimane’s followers were telling them to kill themselves. This disconnect and minimization of the issue of depression as a means of justifying carrying on in a petty internet fight comes off wrong.

Pokimane then, in an ironic turn made fun of another follower suggesting that their having been a follower for 3 years meant that they were desperate from attention from her the streamer’s tirade used much of the same type of language that she labels as harassment towards her audience. ‘Who asked?’ You. You been following since three years ago, you been asking! You been at my doorstep like ‘a crumb please, ma’am. Please a crumb? What’s your cross-hair? Can I play Fortnite with you? Please respond to my message– how’s life?’ ‘Who asked?’ You. You’re here!” The “please just a crumb” meme is used commonly to refer to men that are “overly nice” and deferential to women in hopes of gaining their attention this behavior is known as ‘simping’.

Pokimane’s rant making fun of this long time follower echos the same criticisms that her followers face from the larger internet for being ‘PokiSimps’ it implies that the user only follows and supports the streamer because of a desperation for her attention, which is the same thing that Jidion implied in his more crass and inappropriate. This behavior flies in the face of Pokimane’s public stance that the implication that her followers only do so in hopes of gaining her attention is inaccurate and shouldn’t ever be made towards her audience. This recent episode suggests that Pokimane may actually hold her followers in the same regard that the larger internet does as “simps” and if that is the case then what really offends the streamer about that label being applied to her audience is the fact that it may eventually cause them to turn away.

If you or anyone you know is struggling with depression please reach out, there are people that want to help. Listed below are some resources for depression and mental health:


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