Microsoft Announces Next-gen Console at E3 2019

Microsoft revealed further details on their next generation console today at their press conference.

The console, codenamed “Project Scarlet” boasts powerful tech specs, and producers say will result in no load times. Project Scarlet will be based on a custom version of AMD’s Zen 2. The hardware will also have Hardware-Accelerated HD Ray-tracing technology, a console first, according to the presentation. Other features include GDDR6, RDNA, a Solid-Sate drive, 8K resolutions, and up to 120 fps.

The console will have GamePass integration, and the announcement video claims that gamers will be able to “bring their Xbox experience forward” with Project Scarlett, however they were careful not to use the words “backwards compatibility”. This points towards software-limited backwards compatibility with no hardware backwards compatibility.

Halo Infinite is scheduled to be a launch title for Project Scarlet when it launches Holiday 2020. Microsoft revealed a trailer for the game. It wasn’t made clear if the footage was CGI or in-game footage running on Project Scarlett. We can expect to hear more details next year on Project Scarlett and what games will launch with it.


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