Pokemon Direct Reveals More Information on Pokemon Sword and Shield

The Pokémon Direct aired today and revealed several new Pokémon, Characters, and game play features for the game, as well as the release date.

The direct begins with revealing several new Pokémon in the Galar Region:

Gossifluer – A Grass-type Pokémon

Gosselder – The evolution of Gossifluer

Wooloo – The Normal-type sheep Pokémon

Corviknight – The Flying/Steel Raven Pokémon. This Pokémon is also used to fly people from town to town in the game’s PokeRide-like feature.

Dreadnaw – The Water/Rock snapping turtle Pokémon

The direct also slowed off the game’s big new gameplay element, called Dynamaxing. During a battle a player can Dynamax their Pokemon causing it to become massive and all of it’s moves to change into powered-up versions a la Z Moves. Dynamaxing only lasts for 3 turns and can only be used once per battle.

The Wild Area was also revealed. This is an area where players can encounter and catch wild Pokémon that chance based on the weather and location. In the Wild Area players have control of the camera, and can search all over for wild Pokemon.

There is also a multiplayer function where 4 players and connect locally or online and team up to battle in a Max Raid Battle against a Dynamaxed wild Pokémon boss. During these battles the wild Pokémon is permanently Dynamaxed and only one of the players can dynamax their Pokémon to match the raid boss, so strategy will be key. If the players win, they get a chance to capture that Pokémon. This game play feature appears to be heavily-inspired by Pokémon Go’s Raid Battles.

Next, they introduced several of the game characters from Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield.

Professor Magnolia is the Pokémon  professor of the Galar region. She is studying Dynamaxing and sends the player and their rival on their journey.

Sonia is Professor Magnolia’s granddaughter and her assistant. She gives advice to the player throughout their journey.

Leon is the Galar Region’s Pokémon League Champion. He is very powerful, and his knightly personality makes him very popular with the fans of Pokémon battling in Galar.

Hop is Leon’s younger brother, and the main rival of the player. He aspires to become champion like his brother.

Milo is the first Gym Leader; he specializes in Grass-type Pokémon.

The Direct ends with an animated trailer revealing the legendary Pokémon of Galar:

Zacian – This wolf Pokémon carries a what looks like a sword

Zamazenta – This wolf Pokémon has armor on its body that looks like a shield.

The Official website for the games revealed the Rotom Phone which contains the Pokedex and has features such as allowing the bicycle to move faster or travel over water when the Rotom Phone is attached to it.

Pokémon Sword Version and Pokémon Shield Version will release on November 15th, 2019. Preorders are open now, and there will be a double pack containing both games available for those that wish to buy both.


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