Super Mario Maker 2 Nintendo Direct Rundown

Today Nintendo had their Super Mario Maker 2 Nintendo Direct. The video is linked below:

The direct revealed several new features and game modes for Super Mario Maker 2. The direct also revealed a deal for Nintendo Switch Online members, where they can buy a voucher for $99.99 that is good to redeem two digital downloads for Nintendo games priced at $59.99. The direct also revealed the Super Mario Maker 2 2019 Invitational which will be held during E3 2019.

Here is a rundown of the key features revealed in Super Mario Maker 2:

-A new Story Mode that contains over 100 courses

-Online Multiplayer Co-Op and Versus Modes

-Refined online searching system, and rankings for course makers and players

-A Super Mario 3D World Mode Corse Maker Mode

-New Dry Bones shell item

-Banzai Bill and Angry Sun added as new enemies

-Snake Blocks, Conveyor Belts, and Slopes

-Auto-scroll camera controls added

-Vertical hidden rooms

-Koopa Kart Item

– New sound and visual effects

-Boom-Boom and Pom-Pom added as Bosses

– New “Night Mode” that changes the physics in various stage settings

– New stage settings and new music composed by Koji Kondo


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