Pokimane Leaves OfflineTV

Today OfflineTV announced that founding member Imane “Pokimane” Anys is leaving the company. This comes as the 27 year-old is shifting focus away from gaming to more lifestyle content. In the announcement video Pokimane states that it was getting more difficult balancing her work and her Offline TV duties. She foresaw major scheduling issues that would make creating content more difficult. She also said that she felt it was time for a new chapter in her life. Pokimane says will still make guest appearances in some OfflineTV content from time-to-time. She also hinted that she is working on a “major new project” that could be announced in the next six months to a year. This new project was another factor in her decision to leave OfflineTV. Since Pokimane mentioned this to the OfflineTV audience, it is possible that this project is somehow related to gaming.

Earlier this year Pokimane announced that she was stepping back from streaming regularly, and shifting her content away from gaming content. Since then her videos on YouTube have been more vlogging-focused as the streamer has been spending most of the year traveling internationally. She still sometimes streams on her Twitch channel.

Founded in 2017, the OfflineTV content house has been a staple in the Twitch gaming community. Their YouTube channel has over 3 million subs and released videos weekly that regularly get over 1 million views. The group vows that they will continue to make content and nothing will change outside of Pokimane’s leaving.


Top 10 Named Video Game Weapons of All Time

Weapons are those invaluable tools that help us achieve greatness in video games. Some weapons are so iconic or legendary that that bear their own individual names. This list will touch upon some of the most famous named video game weapons of all time. How many do you recognize?

Top 10 Named Video Game Weapons of All Time

10. Valentine – (Soul Caliber)

Ivy is arguably the first character people thing of when they hear “Soul Caliber” and with good reason. Her design is iconic from her femme-fatal aesthetic to her powerful and graceful combat style. Part of that iconic look is Ivy’s signature chain-sword, Valentine. Ivy needed a powerful weapon in her quest to destroy the Soul Edge, and using alchemy she created the Valentine. Influenced by her study of Asian chain-whips, Ivy sought to empower her “Ivy Sword” mechanically to achieve that effect. Her efforts to use engineering failed and she turned to a mysterious dark power that she would later learn was power from the Soul Edge. Because of Ivy’s cursed bloodline she synchronizes with the sword perfectly and upon learning this she changed the name of her forged weapon from “Ivy Sword” to Valentine, based on Ivy’s own full name.

9. Jim – (Earthworm Jim)

Only in a game like Earthworm Jim can the hero himself be wielded as a weapon. In the games Jim has an advanced supersuit that is what takes him from an ordinary earthworm into the powerful hero of the galaxy. Of course, Jim mainly uses his blaster to handle his foes but that’s not the entirety of his arsenal. One of the key attacks that Jim can do is have the suit grab his earthworm body and use it as a whip to attack enemies and to grapple distant objects. This hilarious yet effective method of attack is an iconic part of the Earthworm Jim experience, and for that reason he makes our list as one of the more unique, and giggle-worthy, weapons.

8. Pow-Pow and Fishbones – (League of Legends)

Jinx: The Loose Cannon is easily one of the most recognizable characters in League of Legends. What people might not know is at first glance is that her weapons are named! Jinx is a talented tinkerer and inventor, and she hand-builds all of her weapons. Pow-Pow is Jinx’s mini-gun and her main weapon. Dawned with a cute pair of rabbit ears, it rapidly sprays a seemingly endless stream bullets at her targets allowing the psychopathic Jinx to revel in the chaos it causes. Fishbones is Jinx’s shark-themed rocket launcher. It’s handy for when Jinx wants to do larger more explosive damage. It fires exploding rockets at a farther range than her mini-gun, it also fires off her Super Mega Death Rocket ultimate for a massive explosion that comes out of nowhere for unsuspecting victims. These weapons make Jinx a formidable force for chaos and destruction.

7. Ragnell – (Fire Emblem)

Ragnell is Ike’s sword in Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance. It is an extremely powerful weapon boasting high attack and accuracy. It is also one of very few swords capable of ranged attacks. The Ragnell also negates critical hits except for those activated by the Wrath skill. Ragnell and it’s sister sword are both blessed by the goddess Ashera which grants them this divine power and makes them incredibly formidable.

6. Falchion – (Fire Emblem)

The Falchion is the legendary blade seen wielded by Marth and his descendants, Chrom and Lucina, in the Fire Emblem franchise. It is a divine blade forged by the holy dragon Naga due to her love for humanity. Because of this it has to power to slay all dragons, and also has a direct relationship to the Fire Emblem itself. This powerful weapon is indestructible and has healing magic so the wielder can heal themselves a little during fights.

5. Pyra – (Xenoblade Chronicles 2)

Pyra is the powerful fire blade, and deuteragonist of the game. Blades in Xeboblade Chronicles 2 are unique as they are living beings as well as the physical weapons their drivers wield. As separate beings they can offer their abilities to support their divers and use powerful magic. Pyra known as the Aegis, an extremely powerful legendary blade. Her physical sword form allows Rex to use powerful slashing and cutting attacks and fire magic. Because she is a blade, Pyra is immortal and can only die if the core crystal on her chest is destroyed, or if her bonded driver Rex is killed. Rex and Pyra’s quest to find Elysium is critical to saving the dying world.

4. Vampire Killer – (Castlevania)

The Vampire Killer is the signature weapon of the Belmont Clan. Created through alchemy, this whip was used by heroes and became endowed with holy power. This gave the weapon the ability to transform from from a leather whip to the iconic chain flail with a spiked mace on the end. Because of its holy power this weapon is one of few that can kill vampires, demons, and can even harm divine figures like the grim reaper.

3. Scarborough Fair – (Bayonetta)

The Sexy Umbran Witch Bayonetta is a force of nature unto herself. Her powerful magic grants her unreal abilities like using her hair as weapons, summoning demons, and even temporarily slowing down and stopping the flow of time. The first thing many will notice about Bayonetta’s fighting style is that she uses, not two, but four guns at once. She has a gun for each hand, and a gun strapped to each foot acting as the heels to her styling high heels. This set of crimson guns is collectively names Scarborough Fair. The individual guns are named Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme. These magical guns were crafted by Rodin specifically for Bayonetta. They allow her to shoot magical bullets that can harm angels and demons alike. In Bayonetta 2, they have a new incarnation called “Love is Blue” with the guns baring the names Prelude, Minuet, Toccata & Nocturne.

2. Kingdom Key, Oathkeeper and Oblivion

Since first appearing on the scene in 2002, Sora and his keyblade have gone on to become gaming legends. The default keyblade that Sora wields is called the Kingdom Key. Keyblades have a unique key-shape and they are legendary weapons that appear before a chosen few who posses a strong heart. Despite the name, keyblades don’t usually possess a cutting edge they havea special magic that allows Sora it open and close the doors to other worlds including hearts. The Oathkeeper and Oblivion are two special keyblades that contain Sora’s memories of Kairi and Riku respectively. They most often appear when Sora is duel-wielding keyblades.

1. The Master Sword – (The Legend of Zelda)

Naturally, it wouldn’t be a proper list of video game weapons without the most famous of them all. The Master Sword from the Legend of Zelda series is Link’s ultimate weapon. It is a sword with immense power to slay evil. It was forged by the gods of Hyrule and passed to the legendary hero. The Master Sword has a will of its own and chooses a hero that has faced many challenges and proven they possess power, wisdom and courage worthy of the the sacred power to vanquish evil. It is indestructible and is often locked away awaiting the chosen hero. Over the series the sword has taken on a life of its own and become as iconic a character in the franchise as Link, Zelda, and Ganondorf.

That’s the list! Of course this is only a taste of the plethora of named weapons in video games. What do you think? Are there any weapons we missed? What’s your favorite named video game weapon? Let us know!

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Super Mario Bros. Movie Review – How Does it Measure Up?

The Super Mario Bros. series is the flagship of Nintendo and of video games as a whole. Since bursting onto the scene in 1981, the Mario franchise has gone on to become the best-selling video game franchise of all time with over 800 million units sold.

Since first exploring the Mushroom Kingdom in the 80s players have dreamed of what it would be like to experience a Mario movie. There have been cartoons, comic books, and a multitude of media exploring the adventures of Mario, Luigi and friends. However, the world of film had been strangely just out of reach for fans.

In 1993 Hollywood got their first bite at the Mario Bros. franchise. This resulted in a disastrous adaptation. The creators opted for a live-action interpretation to fit into the gritty style that was popular at the time. Nintendo had almost no creative involvement so there was no voice to protect the critical elements of the Mario Bros. universe. These factors culminated resulting in something that fans only barely recognized. And ultimately failed to ignite their imaginations.

After the failure of the 1993 film, the Mario Bros. series only grew bigger and better seeing the universe expanded with new worlds, adventures, and characters. As the franchise continued to grow more and more fans joined the fold. Mario paved the way for 3D games, and fans were awestruck at the world of possibilities for Mario and company. Voice acting and cutscenes in games only fed the flames of the primal fandom dream of a Super Mario Bros. movie.

Fast-forward 30 years and we arrive at today. The Super Mario Bros. movie by Nintendo Pictures and Illumination was released in theaters last week and it has been a rousing success. Becoming, not only the highest-grossing video game adaptation of all time, but the highest-grossing animated film of all time in its opening weekend. It has earned over $1 billion globally.

Mario fandom is ecstatic, we are eating good with a real-deal Super Mario Bros. film. So, how does the film measure up? Here are my irrelevant thoughts and feelings on the Super Mario Bros. Movie.

First a little on my history with Mario. I am a lifelong fan, I’ve played every game in the Super Mario series, as well as the vast majority of the spin-offs. I have watched the 1993 film multiple times, watched the Super Mario Bros. Super Show and even the anime OAV from the 80s. So, I am a fairly well-versed on the world of Super Mario Bros. and went into the film with strong understanding of everything Mario. I went into the film with high expectations after watching the trailers. I was a little iffy on the Hollywood voice picks but those worries were set aside as I saw more trailers.


Let’s start with the voices. The movie is well-cast and the performances are good. Chris Pratt does a good job as Mario. Coming from the games, I wouldn’t have minded if Charles Martinet had voiced Mario and Luigi for the entire film. However, I understand the reasons for not using the game voices. Same goes for the reasons for not going with a heavy Italian accent for the Bros. Chris plays well to Mario’s sense of wonder, optimism, and brave determination even pulling off a few really Mario-esque lines from the games that sound close to Martinet. His voice never took me out of the movie while I was watching, it always felt like I was watching Mario on his adventure.

The same mostly goes for Charlie Day’s performance as Luigi. Charlie does a good job of capturing Luigi’s fear and uncertainty. However, during the film I heard a lot more of Charlie Day in Luigi than I did Chris Pratt in Mario. It wasn’t enough to take me out of the film, but it was noticeable.

 Anya Taylor-Joy gives a solid performance as Princess Peach. The creative vision for the movie demanded some of the over-the-top whimsy in Peaches’ voice be sacrificed, like with Mario and Luigi. They cut the airy feminine nature to Peach’s voice as well as bringing down a few octaves, but it’s still a good performance as Peach. Jack Black may be the perfect Hollywood casting choice for Bowser. The creative team wanted to lean into Bowser’s character, and Jack Black with his bombastic enthusiasm brought an A+ performance as the king of the Koopas. Jack Black becomes Bowser, and it is a joy to behold.

Keegan Michael Key gives an unexpectedly good performance as Toad. He delivers a Toad that is lower key than the frantically loud Toad voice we all know, but it works for the film and still retains some of the Toad energy from the games. Seth Rogan as Donkey Kong is arguably the weakest of the main cast voices. Before the film’s release Seth Rogan said that he would not do a voice for Donkey Kong, it would just be his natural voice. This is good because Seth’s natural voice is decently fitting Donkey Kong, and it’s bad because all you hear is Seth Rogan. Viewers that have watched a lot of Seth Rogan films will likely only hear him, and it overcasts the character of Donkey Kong a bit. The voices for the other characters are all decent and round out the movie well. Kevin Michael Richardson does an amazing job as Kamek, and Charles Martinet cameos several times in characters that pay tribute to his role as Mario.


The visuals for this movie are absolutely outstanding. Nintendo and Illumination create a visual smorgasbord of immaculate recreations of the Mario Bros. world and characters. Mario and company look like they stepped straight out of the games with only the most minute of visual tweaks that only serve to help the characters. My only wish is that we got to see more environments for longer. Visually, the movie is near-perfect and sets a new high mark for computer animation.

This is moving into spoiler territory, so if you haven’t seen the movie yet, and don’t want to be spoiled, stop reading here. Thanks for reading, and please consider subscribing on Patreon to help me keep making content.


Now let’s talk about the plot. I found the plot to be very good. Anyone that has played the Super Mario series knows that the structure of the story is straightforward. A bad guy kidnapped someone, or otherwise causes problems and it is up to Mario and his friends to save the kidnapped and or fix the problem. Within that simple structure, the creative teams have been able to craft fun and engaging story elements even as they are secondary to the game play experience. The various spin-off games have experimented and ventured into countless story elements.

Going into a Super Mario Bros. movie, a story fitting the timeless structure of the basic Mario story is the best. The movie flips the story a little bit with Luigi being the one captured by Bowser and Mario going on a quest to save his brother. Fans won’t mind this twist as it mirrors stories done in games like Luigi’s Mansion, Mario is Missing, and Super Princess Peach where one or both brothers were kidnapped. But, the simplicity of the movie plot highlights the elements of brotherly love, bravery, and tenacity in the face of insurmountable challenges.

Mario and Luigi are brothers that live in Brooklyn. They are risking it all on their dream of opening their own plumbing business after quitting working for the previous employer Spike. The brothers are struggling to find their place and make a name for themselves. Their family doubts they will succeed in this endeavor, and it makes them feel like failures, especially Mario as the older brother who always looks out for Luigi. Mario decides to take on a job that could save the city of Brooklyn but it ends up with the brothers being separated and warped to the Mushroom Kingdom where Luigi is taken by Bowser.

This opening section does a great job at establishing the relationship between Mario and Luigi. The viewer gets a sense of how important they are to each other, and how much they love each other. It also establishes their desire to do good for others and be recognized for their efforts, from their naming their business “Super Mario Bros. Plumbing” to the risky decision that ended up transporting them to the mushroom kingdom. The brothers want to be heroes and prove themselves. The opening scene is punctuated with Nintendo easter eggs that fans will be delighted to see, as well as a scene with Mario and Luigi platforming through the city on the way to a job. It sets up the adventure to come nicely.

After Mario arrives in the mushroom kingdom, he meets Toad and is taken to meet Peach. The meeting between Mario and Peach sets the tone for their relationship throughout the movie. The romance between Mario and Peach is subtle and punctuated by humor.

Peach leads Mario to a training course and says he has to beat it for her to let him come with her to stop Bowser. This leads to another platforming sequence where Mario fails the course repeatedly. Some viewers might find it off-putting, but this scene serves two purposes. It lets the viewers that are familiar with Mario games relive that experience of repeatedly dying as they play through a tough platforming level. It immerses them in the Mario platforming experience while watching the movie. The second purpose the scene serves is to further establish Mario’s tenacity, he never gives up.

Around this time we get a nice Bowser scene that is a real show-stealer with hilarious interactions between the Koopa King and his Magikoopa Henchman Kamek. The scene does an excellent job of establishing Mario and Bowser as foes and expands on Bowser’s reasoning for his actions which are perfectly in line with his character from the games.

The next segment has Mario face off against Donkey Kong for the mushroom kingdom to gain the alliance of the Kong Kingdom. This plays out as a continuation of the platforming obstacle course with Mario failing, getting beaten savagely by Donkey Kong at first until Mario gets a power-up and handily defeats Donkey Kong. This ends with Princess Peach commenting on Mario’s tenacity with admiration. As this is happening the story flashes to scenes of Luigi landing in Bowser’s kingdom and searching for Mario before being chased and caught by Bowser’s troops in a Luigi’s Mansion-inspired sequence. These scenes are the majority of Luigi’s presence in the film, and I wish we had gotten to see more Luigi in general. Especially seeing Luigi’s reactions to being in the kingdom.

Following that we get the infamous Mario Kart scene which I feel was a spectacular scene. Another moment where the viewer gets to experience the feeling of playing the game while watching the film. My one small complaint is that I wish we had gotten to see more of the items and powerups from Mario Kart, and I also wish there would have been more variety of characters besides kongs and koopa troopas. The scene does a great job of continuing the Mario and Donkey Kong rivalry and budding friendship.

The Mario Kart sequence ends with Mario and Donkey Kong becoming separated from everyone, falling into the ocean, and being swallowed by the moray eel from Super Mario 64. Meanwhile the Kong army is captured and Peach returns to the mushroom kingdom to evacuate her citizens.  Inside the eel Mario and Donkey Kong almost have a bonding moment over their issues with their fathers. Speaking of which, one questionable change that Mario fans will wonder about was the decision to make Cranky Kong Donkey Kong’s father rather than his grandfather. My guess is that the team wanted to include Cranky but didn’t want to confuse viewers too much with the deep cut reference of Donkey Kong Jr. being the father of Donkey Kong. Mario and Donkey Kong manage to escape the maw-ray by riding a barrel rocket in the style of Donkey Kong Country Returns.

Bowser’s ship arrives at the mushroom kingdom and he delivers his ultimatum, attempting to propose to Peach and threatening to kill Toad right in front of her if she refuses. It’s a great villain scene that re-enforces how dangerous Bowser is as a villain at the end of the day. This scene ends with Peach being taken as Bowser prepares an elaborate wedding ceremony complete with the sacrifice of all the prisoners, including Luigi in Peaches’ honor. This builds up to a fake-out scene of Peach having been “kidnapped” only for it to be a ruse as her and Toad snuck in a power-up that peach uses to freeze Bowser.

Mario and Donkey Kong arrive on the scene. This leads to another great platforming scene with Mario and Donkey Kong using power-ups and beating up Bowser’s minions as they rush to the wedding platform. They rescue the prisoners, including Luigi creating a really nice moment where the brothers are reunited and express how happy they are to finally be reunited. Bowser Launches a Banzai Bill aimed at the Mushroom Kingdom and Mario flies off using the tanooki suit to stop it. Mario manages to redirect the Banzai Bill into the warp pipe that first dropped him into the mushroom kingdom. The explosion turns the pipe into a vacuum that sucks everyone into it, warping them all back to Brooklyn.

Bowser is furious with all his plans in shambles, and attacks Mario. Takes a savage beating even showing some damage complete with a black eye, bruises, and damaged arm. Mario is knocked into the Punch-Out Pizza restaurant where he hides from Bowser and has a moment where he realizes that he must fight. This moment humanizes Mario and his struggles as he has been fighting all movie and is on the verge of giving up before he remembers all that he is fighting for. The mushroom kingdom, Brooklyn, Luigi, and their dreams of being heroes.

Mario returns to the fight, and in a beautiful moment Luigi saves Mario, and the united brothers get the Power Star and become invisible, and in an amazing sequence wipe out Bowser’s troops and absolutely demolish Bowser in a very cool and heroic fashion. The ends with the brothers living in the Mushroom Kingdom and hopping into a warp pipe at the end leaving the idea open that they can travel freely between Brooklyn and the Mushroom Kingdom. This is further supported by the post-credits scene which shows Yoshi’s egg hatching in the Brooklyn sewer.


Now we move to the characterizations. How do the characters measure up? Overall, they are good and faithful to the originals while taking steps to flesh out the characters in a mainstream way without going too far. We can chalk this up to Nintendo’s being co-producers and deeply involved creatively.

Mario’s never-say-die spirit and his love for his brother shine brightly in this film and make him endearing. His struggles with feeling like he doesn’t quite measure up to the hero he dreams of becoming do a good job of making him more human. This doesn’t detract from Mario’s optimism as he overcomes these issues throughout his adventure. The movie leans into the comedic side of Mario with lots of pratfalls and physical comedy where Mario is often the punchline. This might wear thin with some viewers quickly. While there is a lot of comedy revolving around Mario it never crosses that line into being mean-spirited towards the character and always serves to highlight Mario’s fish-out-of-water experience.

Where the story leans into comedy with Mario they lean into fearfulness with Luigi. Like with his brother, they never let it cross the line where it becomes mean-spirited. Luigi displays the same determination as his brother. Unfortunately, Luigi doesn’t have a whole lot of screen time, and as a result the audience doesn’t get as much time to explore this character. But, what we see is really good, and makes us want to see more.

Princess Peach has an interesting character. It’s clear that the creative team wanted a more action-oriented take. Peach is smart and tough, a leader that takes charge in every situation. Her love for her people and her drive to protect them are her motivation. They mirror Mario’s own drive to protect Luigi. Peach’s character is played very straight and as such there is not much humor to her. She takes on the role as a guide for Mario teaching him how the world works. Ironically, Princess Peach has some of the meanest lines towards Mario during the film. There is no getting around the fact that at least some of this characterization of Peach was decided by a corporate boardroom. Peach skirts dangerously close, but the film makes a solid effort to keep the character from crossing that line into bland generic girlboss number #837492. Some viewers may find that they failed in that endeavor.

Bowser’s character is a 1-to-1 transition of Bowser from the games and it leads to the breakout best character in the movie. Bowser is 100% unapologetically himself through and through. He’s intimidating and powerful while also being hilarious in the humorous moments. I hope that the success of Bowser encourages the team to be less afraid of being 100% faithful with character interpretations in future films.

Donkey Kong’s character is somewhat different from his original. DK is the smug showboating prince of the Kongs, which suits his role in the film. The rivalry with Mario is done well and is a great callback to Mario and Donkey Kong’s rivalry in past games. Because Donkey Kong doesn’t have super strong characterization in the games there is a void that the film does an okay job at filling.

Toad is that overly-enthusiastic chatty sidekick. It’s a role that works for Toad because there are so many toads with a multitude of personalities, so it makes perfect sense that one of them would have this personality. This Toad is funny and plays the sidekick without overstaying his welcome.


The score in this film is amazing. It is filled to the brim with remixes and homages to music from throughout the Mario franchise. Several points in the film the BGM uses inserts of popular music from the 80s. I think that they made the best choice possible using music from the 80s, the time when the franchise was born. In an ideal world there wouldn’t be any insert songs at all, and the entire soundtrack would be Mario remixes. I think that due to the sheer number of mixes they pass by so quickly that it feels like none of them get a chance to stick around and be fully enjoyed.

Score and Final Thoughts

Overall, I found this film to be an outstanding experience. It feels like a love-letter to Nintendo fans and lays the perfect foundation for more films exploring the Nintendo universe. The Nintendo fan’s imaginations have been ignited once again and are roaring with the possibilities of more movies based on their favorite games.  I give this movie a 9.6 out of 10. I recommend it for everyone that enjoys fun movies that don’t take themselves too seriously and only seek to entertain and delight.

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E-girl Supreme Belle Delphine Drops a New Spicy YouTube Video.

Belle Delphine E-girl Supreme

Belle Delphine has done another one of her infamous YouTube video drops. This one features a Power Puff Girl-themed sexy asthetic as belle dances to Full Tac’s “I’m a Slut” with ManInRoom playing the character of Belle’s Dad in the video. The second half of the video transitions into Belle in a more Monster High-inspired outfit dancing to Full Tac’s “I’m Disgusting”. This collab with ManInRoom started a few weeks back with an announcement that Belle and ManInRoom will be at this year’s Creator Clash which will be held in April.

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This collaboration is the latest in a series of crossovers Belle Delphine has done with various fellow internet celebrities including, Oliver Tree, TwoMad, and Tayzea. It’s certain that we will see more sexy and meme-worthy crossover content in 2023.

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Belle Delphine:

New Popular Gaming Meme pits Mario and Luigi Against Sephiroth

An explosive viral meme has been sweeping the gamer corners of social media sites. The meme poses the question of who would win in a fight between the iconic brothers Mario and Luigi from the Super Mario Bros, versus the diabolical fallen angel Sephiroth from Final Fantasy VII.

On January 15th, 2023, Twitter user @GirlSephiroth posted the hypothetical match-up in a versus thread she had created earlier in the day. The post went viral gaming 14,000 retweets and 2900 likes over the next three days. The overwhelming consensus of the gaming community is that, judging by the feats they have displayed in each of their games, Mario and Luigi would handily defeat Sephiroth. This led many users to post humorous videos depicting how easily the Mario Bros. would defeat Sephiroth particularly using the Bros Attacks from the Mario and Luigi game series.

The meme quickly left Twitter and has spread to all corners of social media with videos, fanart, and more cropping up all over TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram. The meme shows no signs of slowing down as more gamers become aware of this hypothetical battle. What are your thoughts on this clash? Does the One-Wined Angel stand any chance against the mighty Mario Bros.?

Twitch Streamer Pokimane goes Full Karen: Seeks to Create Laws Making Online Criticism Illegal

Pokimane has decided to drop the facade and wants to sponsor legislation that attacks online criticism. This move strikes at one of the very foundations of a free internet.

In a recent stream Imane “Pokimane” Anys, 26 year-old Twitch partnered streamer, revealed she wants to end online criticism. In the stream Pokimane says that she wants to “facilitate the creation of legislation that holds people accountable for the actions that they do online” she continues “I think there’s some companies I’m gonna message — not companies, organizations that are involved with certain causes and I’ll be like, ‘listen, if you ever need someone to… (makes talking gesture with her hands)… I’m you girl.””

The key takeaway from Pokimane’s confusing and unfocused ramble, though she appears to be reading off of a script she prepared, is that the streamer intends to contact companies and groups that push for online online censorship an government regulation of the internet and petition to be their spokesperson. This is ironic considering Pokimane has been involved in several incidents of unsavory online activity, from her frequent use of the n-word, to her doxing children, to assembling her fans into hate mobs and sending them to harass her critics and anyone that associates with them. Any organization that truly cares about combating bullying and online hate would not jump into bed with a figure with such a questionable moral track record.

This move from Pokimane indicates that the streamer is looking to join the ranks of infamous figures such as Anita Sarkeesian and Brianna Wu, that champion the cause of destorying the internet as we know it for the sake of protecting themselves from criticism online. It is clear to anyone that has spent any amount of time online that Pokimake has earned a lot of bad will with the internet through her own terrible behavior online and refusal to take responsibility and grow from her mistakes. Instead the streamer sees a career turn into a lobbyist for rich powerful organizations, that have a stake in seeing the internet under their control via the government, as a wise move.

In the short-term Pokimane may be able to cash what is left of her credibility with the internet in return for slice of the pie if the government and their special interest partners gain control of the internet. In the long-term this could be the final blow to Pokimane’s already flagging internet fame. And, by helping to create more dangerous censorship laws in the vein of SOPA and PIPA she would complete her transformation into one of the biggest villains in internet history.

Gamer E-Girl Meme Queen Belle Delphine Does Collaboration with Musician/ Comedian Oliver Tree

2022 is the year of Belle Delphine crossovers. Coming hot off of collaborations with creators such as Tayszea, and Twomad, Belle is at it again. This time the sexy meme queen is collaborating with musician, comedian, and producer, Oliver Tree. The first video of the collaboration was posted by Oliver Tree on his Twitter. In the video features a skit with Belle and Oliver meeting and making the infamous ahegao face at each other before jokingly making out with a speed-up version of Tree’s newest song “Miss You” playing in the background. The tweet features the caption “what finding love on the internet looks like”. The first tweet sits at 1.5 million views.

Today Oliver posted a second video to Twitter the has Belle and Oliver wearing cat ears and doing a joking dance continuing the love theme with the tweet reading “E-Romeo and E-Juliet” and captions in the video saying “Famous e-girl, Famous e-boy, Living e-happily ever after 👫”. This tweet is already over 60,000 likes and will likely reach a similar vial status quickly. At this time it is unkown if there will be any future videos or content relating to the collaboration.

A big factor in Belle Delphine’s ever-enduring charm is the random and chaotic nature of her content. This factor certainly crosses over into the creators she collaborates with. The collaborative projects always seem to drop completely out of nowhere shocking ans surprising the internet. One thing is for sure, the internet is always hungry for more Belle Delphine content and will be eagerly awaiting what future surprises the e-girl queen has in store.

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Belle Delphine:

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Adriana Chechik and Several Other Twitch Streamers Injured at Twitchcon

Over the weekend TwitchCon 2022 has been taking place in San Diego, California. Streamers and fans from all across the globe to celebrate the platform. However, for some attendees the event would take a dangerous turn.

During the convention one of the features that Twitch set up was a foam pit for the “Face Off Challenge” at the event. The TwitchCon staff appear to have made a serious error in constructing this pit that would prove disastrous for unsuspecting participants. The pit sat directly on the concrete convention floor with only a shallow layer of foam cubes between the contestants and the ground. This thin later of foam gave the illusion that it was a much deeper foam pit. This pit would cause several participants to sustain injuries upon falling into the pit. Most notably, there is a now viral clip of the twitch streamer and adult actress Adriana Chechik taking a dive into the pit and landing on her tailbone. Chechik is seen writhing in pain and calling for a medic as the event announcer can be heard saying “she’s fine” in an effort to assure the audience that the streamer wasn’t injured.


Later, Chechick took to Twitter to reveal that she had broken her back in two places and was undergoing surgery to insert a metal rod to support her back. In response to the injures of Checkik and others, TwitchCon has received mounting criticism for the lack of safety at the pit and for TwithCon keeping the pit open even after several participants were injured. As of yet Twitch has made no statement regarding the injuries that have occurred at TwitchCon.

New Pokémon Scarlet and Violet Trailer Reveals Farigiraf, and More Game Details

Today The Pokémon Company released a 14-minute trailer video for the upcoming Nintendo Switch games Pokémon Scarlet Version and Pokémon Violet Version. The trailers went in-depth and showed off some game features in each of the three adventure paths in the main story.

New Pokémon Farigiraf

Farigiraf is the new evolution for Girafarig, it is a Normal/Psychic-type. In it’s evolution the head on Giragarig’s tail has merged with its main head. The two brains are connected by a thick system of nerves increasing its psychic powers.

Cud Chew is a new ability that activates when Farigiraf eats a berry allowing it to eat the berry a second time at the end of the turn.

Armor Tail is another new ability that negates the opponents ability to use priority moves like Quick Attack, Sucker Punch, and Extreme Speed.

Spicy Saturday: KutieKitten

Today’s Spicy Saturday features a gem of a creator, KutieKitten (A.K.A. Layla Lockhart).

This Pink-haired vixen creates content for many platforms and tastes. Her Twitch.tv channel is her primary platform, at over 61k followers, where she streams games almost every day starting at 6 P.M. EST. KutieKitten plays a variety of games including League of Legends, Fortnite, Genshin Impact, and Pokémon. That’s not all. This cutie also streams IRL content such as art streams and more.

When it comes to the spice, KutieKitten delivers it in spades. Her Onlyfans delivers a buffet of red-hot lewd cosplay and lingerie content featuring a wide variety of creative characters and outfits that are sure to get your blood pumping. Definitely follow KutieKitten for a dose of sexy fun that will leave you begging for more.

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